No libraries available


As an Archviz pro, I’m really exited test Omiverse linked with sketchup, but, after a software installation that seems normal, I can open view, it runs, but I haven’t any libraries installed (materials, skies…).

So, is there something special to do to or to instal have access to the libraries ?

Thanks for trying out Omniverse!

The libraries are installed with the collaboration service on the 3rd page of the launcher. This will include the NVIDIA “mount” which includes materials, skies, and assets. You can find that install here:

Once the service is running your “Content” browser should look something like this:

Thank you guys, it works fine now. Well, I’m encountering a lot of other problems while trying to use Omniverse, but they’re more related to the utilisation of the tool, so I’ll certainly have to create an other topic.

Hello, I am trying to use nvidia library, but it seams to be blocked

That little lock icon means the directory is read-only. It’s virtual filesystem mounting the files from S3 bucket.

You should be able to read the contents of that directory without issue.