No line info (NVRTC compilation)

I think this is a problem in combination with NVRTC… Before NVRTC, I used NVCC to compile kernels into PTX and then load in runtime. I’ve switched to NVRTC, but I no longer see line info in cuda-memcheck log. My NVRTC compilation flags for debug are:

const char* options =
arch.c_str().AsChar(), //Device architecture string
“–include-path=CUDA” //Directory with some includes

In the log, I see stuff like:

Invalid shared write of size 4 at 0x00000b18 in someKernel.

But when I did the same via NVCC, it worked. Running on GTX 780Ti, Win10 Pro x64, driver 376.53, Cuda 8.0

Please delete… I accidentally erased “_d” suffix from binary name in the script, so it was loading release kernels… awkward :/ It of course works…