"No module named 'quadpy.cn._helpers'" error in Quad_Rect in Interface Problem by Variational Method example

I’m trying to follow along with the “Interface Problem by Variational Method” example, but when I try to use quadpy with:
quad_rec = Quad_Collection(Quad_Rect, paras),

I run into the error :
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'quadpy.cn._helpers'

with the traceback showing:

File /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/modulus/sym/utils/vpinn/integral.py:156, in Quad_Rect.__init__(self, v, n, region_type, scheme_fcn)
    155 def __init__(self, v, n, region_type=True, scheme_fcn=qd.c2.get_good_scheme):
--> 156     from quadpy.cn._helpers import transform, get_det

Has this been encountered before? Is it an issue with newer versions of quadpy?

Update - according to Nico Schlömer nschloe@mondaytech.com, private functions such as quadpy.cn._helpers are no longer accessible by default. Is there an updated version of Modulus that takes this into account?

Hi @matthew.t.gill

Unfortunately not right now, presently we aren’t updating the variational utils given that quadpy is no longer OSS. The most recent update code is always on github: GitHub - NVIDIA/modulus-sym: An abstracted framework for training AI surrogates of physical systems using physics-based symbolic loss functions

Understood. Are there plans to eventually restore variational util functionality?