No mouse - missing module?

I got a brand new Jetson Nano, flashed the image (after un-zipping it).
After start there is no mouse support.
The attached mouse works fine with other hardware.

lsmod reads:
Module Size Used by
binfmt_misc 13103 1
xt_conntrack 3609 1
ipt_MASQUERADE 2346 1
nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4 3111 1 ipt_MASQUERADE
nf_conntrack_netlink 28859 0
nfnetlink 7959 2 nf_conntrack_netlink
xt_addrtype 3670 2
iptable_filter 2481 1
iptable_nat 2882 1
nf_conntrack_ipv4 11992 2
nf_defrag_ipv4 1836 1 nf_conntrack_ipv4
nf_nat_ipv4 6712 1 iptable_nat
nf_nat 20406 2 nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4,nf_nat_ipv4
nf_conntrack 105820 6 nf_conntrack_ipv4,nf_conntrack_netlink,nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4,xt_conntrack,nf_nat_ipv4,nf_nat
br_netfilter 16250 0
bnep 16562 2
zram 26166 4
overlay 48691 0
fuse 103841 5
spidev 13282 0
nvgpu 1575721 38
bluedroid_pm 13912 0
ip_tables 19441 2 iptable_filter,iptable_nat
x_tables 28951 5 ip_tables,iptable_filter,ipt_MASQUERADE,xt_addrtype,xt_conntrack

and I can’t insert the mouse module:
sudo modprobe -v psmouse
modprobe: FATAL: Module psmouse not found in directory /lib/modules/4.9.140-tegra

What am I doing wrong?


Hi kalus,

Could you try to flash device by JetPack to see if can get resolve?
The new NVIDIA SDK Manager can be used to install JetPack.

We don’t observe the issue with mouses we have. Probably it is specific to the mouse. Please share brand and model ID of the mouse for reference.

Hi DaneLLL,
The problematic mouse is a “A4 tech” model “SWOP-23”.

I borrowed an other mouse and it works fine.
So, the mouse, altough working with other systems is the problem.


If you boot the system and plugin the A4tech mouse, do you see and error in dmesg? Or the enumeration does not happen at all?