No network in Drive OS 6.0.5 on AGX ORIN

Its showing as network manager not available.

I had tried to resolve the issue by following the steps from an earlier thread : No network in DRIVE OS 6.0.5 on AGX Orin - #35

but the issue still remains.


Welcome to the NVIDIA Forums. This topic should be posted in the Jetson category. I will move it over for you now.

May I know which AGX Orin platform you’re using?
IF it’s Jetson AGX Orin platform, then it can not use the DRIVE OS.
If you’re using DRIVE AGX Orin platform, please open your issue at Latest DRIVE AGX Orin/DRIVE AGX Orin General topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums to get better support.


As I am using DRIVE platform, i will open this issue at the mentioned forum.