No NVTX events if other APIs (cuda, osrt) are enabled


I’m trying to profile my app using NVIDIA Nsight Systems, but for some reasons the app doesn’t show NVTX events with combination of any other APIs (cuda, ostr, etc.). In other words, I’m able to see NVTX events only if the nvxt is only one enabled API:
‘nsys profile --trace=nvtx …’
I tried different order, single/double quotes to see cuda and nvtx events together, as well as using cli and ui version of the app. But result is the same: I have either nvtx events only or others without nvtx…
Is there any way to get nvxt and cuda events in one report?

I’m using:
Ubuntu 16.04 x64
NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2019.3.1.85-bddebb7
Driver Version: 410.79 CUDA Version: 10.0

Finally I’ve managed to get vntx and cuda API in one report by running profiler with ‘–trace-fork-before-exec=true’.