No output from lspci

I’m trying to mount an M.2 SSD using a PCIe adapter. The adapter is located at the following link.

I am using a TX2 on an eval kit. Its newly flashed running 4.4.38-tegra

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ lspci
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ dmesg | grep pci
[    0.131788] node /plugin-manager/fragment-500-pcie-config match with board >=3310-1000-500
[    0.134099] node /plugin-manager/fragment-500-e3325-pcie match with board >=3310-1000-500
[    0.269868] iommu: Adding device 10003000.pcie-controller to group 48

It is the same with or without the device plugged in.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

I don’t know if that adapter and hardware is just a different wiring to PCIe, or if it has some protocol or other wiring difference. I suspect it is just ordinary PCIe with different connectors and probably it should behave just as normal PCIe…but I am guessing.

In the case of normal PCIe, regardless of whether there is a driver for your end device, there will be a PCIe listing from lspci if the control channel signal finds a device to talk to. This channel is not designed for high speed…it is designed for establishing parameters of the PCIe device. If the signal quality is too low then lspci would not show any device. Though I can’t be certain, this is probably an indication that signal quality has degraded even in the control channel.