No PGI shown in VS 2013

I am using PGI version 15.5 because of Fortran and C++ bundled together. After a failed drive, new drive and reinstallation, I could only build win32 applications. The SDK 8.1 that I installed would only install in the x86 Program files. Under more knowledgeable advice, I had the computer reimaged and started with a virgin machine. I installed NVidia CUDA 6.5. I was counseled to install PGI, and let the installation software determine if an SDK were needed. I received no such prompt. A few other things I was prompted whether to install or not. Afterward, I installed VS 2013.

My current problem, VS 2013 does not recognize any PGI products. Should I have installed VS 2013 first? Or is there a way to make PGI compilers available in the VS 2013 IDE?

I think before you install the 15.5 PGI compilers on Windows, you need to first install any recommended updates to the Windows version BEFORE installing the Win 8.1 SDK pointed out at Microsoft SDK Compatibility Information | PGI

If your VS 2013 is an ‘Express Edition’, PVF will fail to install.
Remove any Express edition of VS on your system. Then either
install the 15.5 PVF version with the embedded VS 2013 shell,
or make sure you have non-express VS version 2013 already present.