No physical link established between MCX341A-XCEN and MCX342A-XCCN

I have MCX341A-XCEN and MCX342A-XCCN ( both Mellanox Connectx-3 NICs ) connected directly through SFP+ cable but both I/O LED doesn’t lit up.

However, if I connect between two MCX341A-XCEN using the same cable, both I/O LED do lit up.

Same goes for connect between two MCX342A-XCCN.

I notice the firmware version for MCX342A-XCCN is 2.42.5000, while MCX341A-XCEN version is 2.31.1598. I have tried to upgrade both cards to the same firmware version ( 2.42.5000 ) from the firmware download site. But I can’t find the same matching PSID firmware for MCX341A in version 2.42.5000

Hi Ray,

First upgrade to latest firmware in both Nics

i think there is a misstypo since there is no such P/N =MCX341A-XCEN , it should be MCX341A-XCGN

You can check by running the below command:

flint -d <device_id> q

note - in order to get device_id , run “mst start” and then “mst status”

In addition, refer to the supported cables and modules