No reply for an application for GRID driver evaluation

I’ve submitted an application for Nvidia GRID drivers evaluation (claimed are 90 days for evaluation). I want to try them to switch A100 into a rendering mode on Windows to measure rendering performance.

Without that driver USD Composer shows me this message in terminal:
"The following GPUs are in TCC mode (compute only) and cannot be used by graphics APIs for rendering:

  • NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe | Bus-ID: 0x0
    This is a compute focused GPU and driver. To enable WDDM, you must install a vGPU driver and a GRID license is required. Otherwise, not supported message is printed during the driver mode change. To change the TCC mode to WDDM for all GPUs, use the nvidia-smi utility: ‘nvidia-smi -dm 0’, or specify it for a GPU by the additional option: ‘-g {GPU-Index}’. A reboot is required to take effect."

After applying for driver’s evaluation I’ve received an email with the text:

“Your Evaluation Is Under Review
Thank you for your interest in NVIDIA’s products!
We need some more time to evaluate and process your application. You should receive additional information regarding your request within three business days. Thank you for your patience.”

A week has passed but I got no response. Should I contact someone directly to get understanding if I’m ever applicable?

Thank you!


this is an indication that you already received an eval in the past. Only the initial eval is automatically approved. Anyways, A100 won’t work as a rendering device. There is no support for A100 with the latest vGPU package at all. A100 is a pure compute GPU and shouldn’t be used for Windows. You will only get TCC support.


Hmm, so the USDComposer is misleading me.
I wish this, A100’s inability to run in GPU mode, would be somehow articulated in the console’s output.