No result when specifying offline mode and streaming=False

Please provide the following information when requesting support.

Hardware - GPU - RTX 3060 12GB
Hardware - CPU - AMD Ryzen 3600
Operating System - Ubuntu 22.04
Riva Version - 2.11
TLT Version (if relevant)

When configuring a model with riva-build for offline ASR, and specifying --streaming=false, no responses are returned when using RecognizeRequest. When --streaming=true, it works fine. I need to disable streaming to reduce GPU memory footprint. I’ve tried with the Conformer-CTC Large and XL models with the same result.

Config (for Large model):

riva-build speech_recognition \
    conformer_offline.rmir:tlt_encode Conformer-CTC-L-en-US-ASR-set-4p0.riva:tlt_encode \
    --offline \
    --streaming=False \
    --name=conformer-en-US-asr-offline \
    --featurizer.use_utterance_norm_params=False \
    --featurizer.precalc_norm_time_steps=0 \
    --featurizer.precalc_norm_params=False \
    --ms_per_timestep=40 \
    --endpointing.start_history=200 \
    --nn.fp16_needs_obey_precision_pass \
    --endpointing.residue_blanks_at_start=-2 \
    --chunk_size=4.8 \
    --left_padding_size=1.6 \
    --right_padding_size=1.6 \
    --max_batch_size=16 \
    --featurizer.max_batch_size=512 \
    --featurizer.max_execution_batch_size=512 \
    --decoder_type=flashlight \
    --flashlight_decoder.asr_model_delay=-1 \
    --decoding_language_model_binary=lm.binary \
    --decoding_vocab=vocab.txt \
    --flashlight_decoder.lm_weight=0.8 \
    --flashlight_decoder.word_insertion_score=1.0 \
    --flashlight_decoder.beam_size=32 \
    --flashlight_decoder.beam_threshold=20. \
    --flashlight_decoder.num_tokenization=1 \
    --language_code=en-US \
    --wfst_tokenizer_model=tokenize_and_classify.far \
    --wfst_verbalizer_model=verbalize.far \

Hi @steve.pritchard

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I will check with the internal team regarding this issue and get back
If I need additional information midway I will let you know

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Hi, any feedback on this one? Cheers.

Hi, following up on this. This is still true for 2.12.1