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I’m trying to set up Jetson Xavier NX with the SDK Manager 2.0. My host is running Ubuntu 22.04. It doesn’t find any SDK versions and therefore I cannot move into step 02. Any ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks!

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JetPack itself has fewer limitations if you exclude the flash target. There is some hardware which JetPack can flash from Ubuntu 22, but Xavier and Orin are not in that category (yet…there will be a release in perhaps a month or so which could use Ubuntu 22). What you are seeing is the intersection of flash target requirements and JetPack/SDK Manager requirements. Switch to Ubuntu 20 and you should be ok.

Ubuntu 20.4 has fixed sdk version issue. Now it won’t flash the image to mvne no matter what target I select. I tried the sdk manager both 2.0 and 19.3. I tested the ssd and it works under Mac. Any idea? Thanks!

Using an external device requires the script (if it is available for that particular model). Within the “Linux_for_Tegra/” location, take a look at the “tools/kernel_flash/” subdirectory. In particular, see the README_initrd_flash.txt.

I found out why it didn’t work. The connector on the ssd is broken. The label on the connector is 2147A7, but I cannot locate it anywhere on the Internet. Any idea where I could get hold of one? Thanks!

I’m not sure which connector you are referring to, but if I am sourcing parts (or replacements), I tend to look at Octopart:

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