No Secondary Inference Data in MQTT

Hi, I am trying to access send Secondary Inference data to Kafka/MQTT. But the data appear to be empty. I changed the model-used parameter as:


I also changed the Payload schema, but couldn’t see any results. Can you suggest how to send secondary inference data over Kafka?

We are checking internally and will give you reply ASAP.

You may refer to

static void
generate_event_msg_meta (gpointer data, gint class_id, gboolean useTs,
GstClockTime ts, gchar * src_uri, gint stream_id, guint sensor_id,
NvDsObjectMeta * obj_params, float scaleW, float scaleH,
NvDsFrameMeta* frame_meta)

static void schema_fill_sample_sgie_vehicle_metadata (NvDsObjectMeta* obj_params, NvDsVehicleObject* obj)

I saw this. The data filled by static void schema_fill_sample_sgie_vehicle_metadata (NvDsObjectMeta* obj_params, NvDsVehicleObject* obj) is dummy. I want the actual inference data. How can I get that?

Could you please tell you run with default test5 or your customized? if run with your customized, suggest you verify test5 first, option -m set to 1 to let analytic processing and metadata filled.

  1. Option -m [Default=0]
    PGIE Model used; {0 - Unknown [DEFAULT]}, {1: Resnet 4-class [Car, Bicycle, Person, Roadsign]}

This option is to demonstrate the code which can read
PGIE, Tracker, and SGIE Metadata from NvDsBatchMeta and fill
NvDsEventMsgMeta in bbox_generated_probe_after_analytics()
for the nvmsgconv schema and JSON-metadata-generation.
For more details run the below command on terminal post DS installation:
gst-inspect-1.0 nvmsgconv

NOTE: Customers using -m 0 with custom PGIE, SGIE models,
please read the documentation under “IMPORTANT Note 1” tag
in deepstream_test5_app_main.c for changes in code required
to relay SGIE Classifier-Metadata to nvmsgconv

6.1 -m 0 (Model(s) used are unknown)
$ ./deepstream-test5-app -c test5_dec_infer-resnet_tracker_sgie_tiled_display_int8.txt -m 0

6.2 -m 1 (Analytics Model(s) used are:
resnet(4-class model) -> Tracker (Optional) -> SGIE0 (Vehicle-type)
-> SGIE1 (Vehicle-Color) -> SGIE2 (Vehicle-Make))
$ ./deepstream-test5-app -c test5_dec_infer-resnet_tracker_sgie_tiled_display_int8.txt -m 1