NO signal on AUX P/N of DP

Hi,now HDMI is deleted, DP1-> mini DP CONNECTOR.

  1. HPD can be detected then the DP connector to HDMI monitor;

question :
NO signal on AUX P/N,please help me,thanks

We use the dts: tegra234-p3767-0000-p3768-0000-a0.dts,please tell me how to modify it.

On devkit? Or your custom carrier board?

請問一下now HDMI is deleted 是什麼意思?

預設Orin NX就沒有打開HDMI. 為何會需要delete HDMI?

May I clarify what does that mean “now HDMI is deleted”?

By default Orin NX does not have HDMI enabled. Why there is need to delete HDMI?

On the Development Board, HDMI and DP is multiplexing, because our board is customized, so HDMI is deleted on our design. there are only DP interface.

Orin NX 預設的software就是DP enabled. 如果DP在你那邊沒起來的話, 請你們review hardware.

另外我也不太確定你所謂的 “HDMI and DP are multiplexing”. 可以用線路圖指出你在說哪部份嗎?

Our custom carrier board

你拿掉的部份在我們提供的schematic本來也就不在了 這部份沒有影響.

Orin-jetson_orin_nx_series_+dp a03-pinmux.TXT (65.8 KB)

3)使用的是ORIN NX的DP1接口;
目前的情况是: HDMI显示器接入HDMI转MINIDP线后,MINIDP连接器可以量到HPD信号变高,但AUXp/n上量不到任何信号。
please help me ,ths

這個說真的沒有什麼辦法幫你 請你就把硬體做成跟Orin Nano devkit一樣


除非你根本就沒用Orin Nano預設的設定燒, 不然這個就只能純粹從hardware做修正.

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