No source file mapping nvvp with nvfortran

Good morning to everyone!

I am accelerating a fortran code with some OpenACC directives.
I am trying to do some profiling with nvvp. However, when I get to the compute analysis, I get the following error:

“The source-assembly viewer could not be shown because source-file mappings are missing from the kernel.
You can enable source-file mappings by using the -lineinfo flag when compiling the kernels”.

When I try to compile the code with the -lineinfo flag, though, I get the error:

cannot find -lineinfo

I found some topics in the forums that suggest to use the -arch=sm_52 flag. Needless, to say, I get:

nvfortran-Error-Unknown switch: -arch=sm_52

Acutally, I have a Quadro P1000 graphic card, cuda 11.7 installed, and a compute capabily 6.1.
Can you please help me to generate these source-file mappings for my code?
Thank you