No space left on the device

Hello.I have multiple containers on my device (all related between each other, becases only difference between them is availability of the additional libraries such as: trtpose and matplotlib.).

I need to docker save trtpose 2 container (4.3gb) to move it on the bigger sd card.I have 4.6 gb on my device, but for some reason i cant docker save this container:

Why i got the error: “No space left on the device”, if i have 2.7 gb left ?
How can i solve this problem ?

Which files can be deleted in the system (to get additional space), if i only need to launch the system 1 more time to docker save trtpose2 docker container ?(I deleted content of the .cache folder to get additional 2.3 gd , but, unfortunatelly it didnt help)


Although you have 2.x G left, it requires much more space when copying trtpose2 to trtpose2.tar.

Have you checked if there is any non-used docker image in your environment?
You can try to delete them to save some space.


Hello.Thanks for the reply.
I am not completly sure, if i can delete my images, because they all are related between each other.

For example, lets consider face_recognition_only docker image.
I created face_recognition_only docker image by addding face-recognition library in the dustynv/jetson-inference docker image, so face_recognition_only docker image is dependent on the dustynv/jetson-inference docker image. Thats why i cant delete dustynv/jetson-inference image, because this action will destroy face_recognition_only docker image, right ?

If so, i cant delete any of my images, most likely, because they all are dependent on each other:

I created pose_detection_and_face_detection docker image by adding additional libraries in the face_recognition_only docker image.Then i added additional libraries in the pose_detection_and_face_detection and created matplotlib.Then i added additional libraries in the matplotlib and created trt_pose.Ans so on.

However, even if i can delete primal image, which has an image based on it, how many space will i get ?

For example, if i had only face_recognition_only( based on the dustynv/jetson-inference ) docker image (3.94gb) and dustynv/jetson-inference docker image (3.52 gb).Will i get 3.52 gb if i delete dustynv/jetson-inference docker image ?


You can just give it a try.
If there is a dependency, docker will show the info.


Solved here : Can i delete . cache file on my jetson nano to increase available space? - #16 by andres.artavia

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