No StackTrace in Visual Studio

I watched the “Profiling OpenGL 4.2 - NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edtion 3.2” video on youtube and there (around 34:22) it is shown that one can use the Stack Trace (“Cursor Information” -> “glNamedCopyBufferSubDataExt” -> “Stack Trace”) to go to the source of that call.
For me there is no “Stack Trace” label in the tree view.
On my PC (Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3, Quadro K2000 with driver 361.91, Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.0) there is no “Stack Trace” label and I wonder why?
Does that work only for selected OpenGL calls? I have tried it with glUniform1f, glBufferData, gl GetUniformLocation and glBindVertexArray. Have the source files to be in a certain folder relative to the working directory?

Thanks a lot

Hi MarcJ,

Please confirm something:

  • you run your Nsight monitor under admin privilege
  • you select ‘System’ in Trace Settings, Nsight Analysis need this option to be selected for collect stack trace
  • you need to select ‘Call Stack Trace’ in ‘OpenGL’ from ‘None’ to ‘Always’

After that, you should have the ability to collect proper data about stack trace and see it in your timeline page.


Hello An,
thanks the “Call Stack Trace” “Always” did the trick. Sorry I somehow oversaw that before.