no stream from RealSense depth camera on Jetson Tx2

I would like to enable Intel’s RealSense depth camera on Jetson Tx2 (MIPI/CSI).
This camera can actually stream 3 different data types: depth (16bbpp), IR (8bpp) and metadata. for that it will use /dev/video0 (depth), /dev/video1 (IR) and /dev/video2 (metadata).
I have i2c access to the camera module and I can see it streams (in scope) but I don’t get any frames in V4L2 level (IR for example). I wonder where can I look for in MIPI Rx data path to find issues/reasons to see if traffic arrived to Jetson and why it’s dropped.
I can share my dtsi file etc. if it’ll help as well as the i2c sensor driver code.

Have a check to below link to enable the vi trace.