No support for Projection Mode in Repx export from Maya 2013

Projection mode setting for constraints is not exported correctly to the Repx xml format.

The only setting that seems to be set and exported by manipulating the Projection Mode setting under the advanced tab for a constraint is that
ePROJECTION gets set for the constraint. No information on which type of projection mode used is present in the xml.

On top of this we do not see any change in our engine when loading Repx files with this setting set while the result in maya is drasticly different

Maya version: Maya 2013 x64 Sp1
Plugin version: PhysxForMaya (2.86.00820.10150), compiled 8/19/2012 1:03:57 AM

thanks a lot. We fixed it today.

Great! Looking forward to the new release!

This is also a problem for the 3Dsmax exporter using 3dsmax 2012 if you did not already notice.

Yes, we also fixed it for 3ds Max.