no Tegra A screen after SW update

After Upgrading software on Drive PX2, Trgra A doesn’t show anything on the screen. whereas Tegra B is still working fine. The problem occurred after the update process when we tried to reboot it.

  • The cable and monitor, both are fine.
  • SW version: DPX2-p2379-EB-Aurix-

could the problem coming from SW update?
what would be the solution for that?


could you try to connect to tegra A through serial console via minicom, and see what is displayed?

@nvddt Thanks for your reply.

We are in rush and debugging might take longer time than we have. luckily we have backed up our work, so we just flashed Tegras and its working now.

But a concrete solution would be helpful for everyone!

hello Drime,

could you please also share the software version by the sysnode.

$ cat /etc/nvidia/version-nv-pdk.txt