No traceback, pgdbg shows only assembly

Fortran code. I used -g -O0 -traceback when compiling. I ran the executable from the directory where it was compiled (source code is in subdirectories). I get no traceback even setting PGDBG=trace. Tried pgdbg and the source window shows only assembly, no source code. Also, when running in pgdbg I get the same error message and no traceback or any information on where the exit occurred. Is there a debugger setting that will cause the debugger to stop and show me where in the source code it is when it thinks it is going to exit? The exit could be happening in a multitude of places in the code. I have limited experience with debuggers (I’m old school. Tracebacks and print statements etc.)

I believe the environment variable is PGI_TERM.

export PGI_TERM=trace

if the code is compiled -traceback -g

and it hits a problem, a traceback should be displayed.

export PGI_TERM=debug
should put your code into pgdbg when a problem happens.