No tty output or BIOS output after driver installation

Hello everyone!
I got a GTX1060 6G and I installed lastest 551.86 driver under Windows.
After reboot no video output in BIOS and tty
But I do get Xorg worked on my Linux.
Here are some basic info:

  • OS: Windows 11 and Arch Linux
  • GPU: inno3d GTX1060 6G
  • MB: MSI B450M pro vdh plus

What I have tried:

  • Change monitor, try HDMI DP
  • Plug GPU on another’s
  • Xorg works fine, but no tty output
  • pytorch works fine on Linux
  • Clear BIOS CMOS
    What I haven’t tried:
  • DVI, I don’t have DVI monitor

My guess:

Need help and any reply is appreciated

Solved, turn off UEFI in BIOS works.
GPU-Z shows that UEFI is checked, but actually it doesn’t work.

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