No TTY1-6 and will not show up in TTY7 after I suspend

Hi, I’m running the latest driver (331.49) on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Currently, the TTY 1-6 doesn’t display anything, but I can still run commands from there (even though I can’t see what I’m typing). When I put my system to sleep, the graphics on TTY 7 doesn’t come back up upon waking.

I’ve also tried Ubuntu’s “Tested” proprietary driver of 331.20 with similar results. My kernel is 3.11.0-17-generic, but I would eventually like to get a grsecurity kernel in its place. With the current situation, I cannot install a grsecurity kernel as I would need access to the TTY 1-6 to disable mprotect on unity/x11. I also cannot uninstall the driver as I would also need a TTY screen.

I’ve tried going through the rescue kernel, and uninstalling the drivers from a root tty with no avail. Wat do?

EDIT: I’m using the x64 version of the driver.