no unified addressing? GTX-650ti

Hi all,

Sorry if this isn’t the correct forum to post this in… the Nvidia graphics cards forums say to post this in CUDA forums.

Anyway, I’ve got an Nvidia GTX-650 Ti that works fine, but it doesn’t have unified addressing enabled. I need the unified addressing for a specific program, but I have no idea if the card can have unified addressing enabled or if it’s simply that the hardware doesn’t support it.

I know of one person who has apparently the same card and is using the same driver, but his has unified addressing enabled. Can anyone advise?

The system is Win7 32-bit, Nvidia GTX-650 Ti (sub vendor EVGA), latest Nvidia driver ( I can post the CUDA-Z output log if that would help.


Unified addressing is not supported on 32-bit OS. It has nothing to do with which GPU you are using.

A big thank you! I was getting ready to buy a different card; looks like I won’t have to now.