No USB During Jetpack 4.3 Installation

After the SDK Manager installs Ubuntu 18.04.3 you are expected to use a mouse and keyboard to accept Ubuntu’s EULA and create a user. Our Jetson TX1 ends up with no functioning mouse after the Ubuntu installation and prevents any further progress.

Is there a work-around that can be performed via a console connection?

I think serial console might work. See:
(and it wouldn’t hurt to have this anyway…very valuable for anyone doing embedded work)

The million dollar question is: How do I use the serial console to either accept Ubuntu’s EULA and create the required user?

Alternately, how can I use the serial console to enable USB so I can use the attached HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse?

Is there some way to alter the OS image that gets deployed to ensure USB is enabled?

USB works by default, nothing is needed. However, keyboard and mouse may have a dependency on the graphical desktop environment, and so if this is not working correctly, then the use of the keyboard/mouse may also appear to fail. In a text console this shouldn’t be an issue, but if there is a failure at the GUI login, then it becomes possible the key bindings for reaching a console might fail. Serial console has no dependencies, and all display runs from the host PC.

If you’ve flashed, and you have the serial console connected, how far does boot get for you? Most serial console apps have a logging function.

For monitor be certain you are using a true HDMI monitor and not a VGA adapter. Automatic configuration is the only method accepted for GUI setup, and VGA does not have the ability to self configure.

There is a script which works to add the “first boot” login setup prior to flashing. See: