No /usr/local/cuda directories when flashing with jetpack3.3

I just flashed my jetson with jetpack3.3, with the “full” radio button clicked, and there are no /usr/local/cuda* folders. I would like to build the cuda examples.

You might need to check the logs. If flash succeeded, then the Jetson reboots and software install proceeds over the ethernet (flash was over micro-B USB). It isn’t unusual for the mechanism to detect the Jetson’s IP address to fail and to prompt the user for the IP address in the console tab…if you missed seeing that prompt, then only flash would have succeeded.

However, you may still be in luck. You can run JetPack again (using only wired ethernet…don’t bother with micro-B USB) with only software install checked (disable the flash operation). Watch the prompt for when it asks for wired ethernet address. Btw, if you had only WiFi on the Jetson, then this would have caused such failure since initial JetPack install has no way to configure WiFi…wired ethernet is mandatory for that step.

That worked, thanks!