No Variables to Optimize

I’m trying to solve a 3D flow problem with SimNet but keep getting this exception: “No variables to optimize”. I’ve tried changing the boundary conditions but to no avail. Not sure if my system is over constrained, under constrained, or what else might be causing this issue. I have attached the full terminal output, which includes the exception stack trace. Thanks!

exception_stack_trace.txt (6.5 KB)

Can you please attach your script for this example?

I realized it was a silly mistake, I made a class that inherited from TrainDomain but forgot to use it. I accidentally set train_domain to TrainDomain instead of my subclass when I inhereted from Solver. That’s why I got “No variables to optimize”, because the solver didn’t get any boundary conditions.

class MyTrain(TrainDomain):
… # implementation here

class MySolver(Solver):
train_domain = TrainDomain # should be: train_domain = MyTrain

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