No Video Output

I have a TK1 board I’ve never used before. Yesterday I plugged it into power and an HDMI connection to Insignia monitor that I’ve used hundreds of times for Raspberry Pi projects (well, not hundreds, but enough that I know the monitor is good and it works with other HDMI sources). When I plug it in, the power LED and fan come on, but nothing else happens. The board doesn’t initialize the monitor, doesn’t POST, nothing.

When I push the power button, nothing happens.
When I push the reset button, nothing happens.

Suggestions or is this just a dead board (which is what I think it is).

Does it ping over the network? Easy to test.

Best test: Attach a serial console to the 9-pin D-sub connector (setting: 115200, 8N1), this should work even if video and networking is gone…should that fail, it’s dead.

Hello John, did linuxdev’s suggestion assist you in troubleshooting the issue? If not, please respond in the thread so we can investigate further if needed.