No vsync without Aero composition; cannot turn on Aero on CreateDesktop() made desktop

Running 314.07 driver on Windows 7 Pro x64 with latest updates, and tried both on GTX285 and GTX680 cards.

Now, I understand that vsync in OpenGL may not work without Aero’s composition being enabled.

My stuff is sandboxed so I use CreateDesktop() to prevent shatter attacks.

The new desktop created by CreateDesktkop() has no Aero composition when created for whatever reason (though the default one does) and trying to enable it with DwmEnableComposition() fails even in a process with admin rights. I have no idea why, or how to solve this problem. DwmEnableComposition() works fine on the default desktop.

Is there any way to get vs vsync to work without composition? I can’t get it to do so, even when forced from the driver control panel. What’s the solution here? Will this be fixed in the next driver?