No way to create a NvBufSurfTransformSyncObj for async transformation in JetPack 5.x

Hi, we are migrating the usage of MMAPI to JetPack 5.x from 4.x, and we need async transformation for batch processing.

The new NvUtils API do provides some APIs like NvBufSurfTransformAsync to perform async operations, but it seems lack of an API to create the sync object (aka NvBufSurfTransformSyncObj), also nowhere to find the object’s definition (except for in migration guide), is there anything I missed? Thanks for your help.

The function is demonstrated in the sample:


Jetson Linux API Reference: 07_video_convert (NvBufSurface conversion) | NVIDIA Docs

Please take a look.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry that I didn’t notice the async APIs accept an indirect pointer, which is used to output an internal-created sync object.

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