No windows driver for my RTX 3070 mobile GPU

Hello all, I recently purchased a new laptop with a mobile RTX 3070 MaxQ GPU in it, Id’s as follows:

I can not find any driver that will properly locate this card and install itself on my Windows 10 Pro operating system. I was able to load a Linux driver OK and the card tests OK under Linux. From what I see in the driver INF files the issue seems to be with the SUBSYS number. I did find one DCH driver that had the proper ID’s but it refused to load due to an incompatible operating system, 461.72 I believe. Anyone seen this issue yet besides me? I know these GPU’s are relatively new, so hopefully this will be resolved in an updated driver in the near future…

System76 Oryx Pro laptop
Intel Core i7-10870H CPU
RTX 3070 8GB Ram
16GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2933 MHz
Windows 10 Pro 64bit No Nvidia Driver

Pop!_OS 20.10 (64-bit) Linux Nvidia driver works

How old is your Windows version?
Installer checks for a minimum build 17098

%NVIDIA_A% = NVIDIA_Devices,NTamd64.10.0…17098

Your SUBSYS_ID is definitely in 465.89 and 470.14

You know I just installed this copy of Windows 10 pro, I ran all the updates and for some reason it says my build version is 15063,1418
Version 1703. So apparently it is not fully updated yet and I need to research how to get it done.
Thank you for the quick reply, hopefully that is all it is. Once I get it updated and retest I will update this topic.

After some research yesterday, I was able to get my Windows version updated using the update assistant, but only after disabling my dual-boot setup, the assistant kept getting errors and apparently that error code has to do with dual booting. Windows likes being the only game in town I guess, luckily I found a comment about the dual-boot issue online and got past all this.
To make this story short, windows is updated and the Nvidia driver is now installed.

Thanks again for the quick assistance, I would not have figured this out without your help…