NodeJS Blynk Local DHT22 Sensor GPIO


I am following this tutorial for setting up Blynk + Nodejs + DHT

I am able to get the Blynk Local server up and running on the Nano and connected to the Blynk app.

The problem is the GPIO. I have tried the jetson-gpio library

importing with

var sensorLib = require('jetson-gpio-master');

but get a “cannot find module” error lots.

Also trying the npm package gpio-jetsontx1tx2 it starts to put out temp/humidity but it is 0 all the time

The instructables code is supposed to give an error if a sensor is not connected, but it does not give any errors even with nothing connected, just starts putting out 0 for temp/humidity


hello grahammegqc,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with.
could you please access GPIO via sysnode to check the values, you may also check Nano J41 Header Pinout for the pin numbers,
you might also refer to Topic 1029697 for reading GPIO interrupts from user-space.