Noise on hair

I made a new render with Natasha in Sci-fi Library project 1st shot, here is the end of it:

Samples are 700 in path-traced and that is already too much I think. All other looks good but the bight hair on her right side is noisy.
It is due to the strong light behind her, I belive.
I tried to play with all settings for that hair material but had no success removing this noise. What can I do here?

Moving the light and shaping it is one option, but first I want to ask this :)

@pekka.varis , @WendyGram for rendering issue, please collect the asset and send the USD file to NVIDIA,
maybe Phillippe / Morteza / Frank from Nvidia could take a look when they have time.

I also report a OmniHair flicker issue to in April,
and a normal map flicker, not sure if it could be the same root cause

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All my flashing problems were solved by using motion blur and different hair. If I bump to this in future I write a new topic :) thank you.

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