Non-confirmable error

Hi all,

Can any body help me in sorting the error occurd duirng my simulations?

A fine working program on intel Fortan compiler is not working on PGF compiler installed on cluster. It is returning an error like below.

PGF90-F-0000 Internal comipler error. normalite_forall_array: non_confirmable 1130 (service.f90:869)

At this particular line, we used intrinsic function SPREAD(temp2d(1:idim2,1:idim3,3), dim = dim1, ncopies = size(A1,dim1) ). From the PGF manuals i found this function is as normal as it suppose to be.

I wondered any body can help me in sorting this error. I appreciate your help in this regards.

Thank you

Hi Sreenivas,

I think it has something to do with dim1. This works for me:

a1 = spread(temp2d(1:100,1:100,3),dim=1,ncopies=size(a1,dim=1))

But this causes a failure like you see:

dim1 = 1
a1 = spread(temp2d(1:100,1:100,3),dim=dim1,ncopies=size(a1,dim=dim1))

I’ll have to look to see if we are in compliance. Does this work-around help?

  • Brent

Hi Brent

Thank you for your help.

It is working with some other small adjustments like explicitly defining the dim1 values.