non-PIC __hpf_shifts in libpgf90.a

I get a relocation error in allo.o of libpgf90.a on linux x86-64, PGI 6.0-8. Linking against the libpgf90.a in libso works, but I’d rather use the static archive. Any way to do that?

Hi Christopher,

The “.a” libraries in the “libso” directory are static archives. The only difference is that they are built with “-FPIC” so they can be used with programs compiled using the medium memory model (i.e. “-mcmodel=medium”). Note that static libraries built with “-FPIC” will resolve any addressing at link time, so using them will still create a static execuatable.

Hope this helps,

Yes, I moved the shared libraries into a subdirectory so that when linking a shared library it would statically link in the pgi libraries.