Non saving multi-file from multi-rtsp custom

• Hardware Platform GPU
• DeepStream Version = 5.1 - docker 5.1-21.02-devel

I’ve met a trouble which just saves the first input rtsp but others couldn’t be saved ( it means decodebin the first input rtsp ). When I try saving four local mp4 files which definitely work. I customized my pipeline based on add_del_sources and deepstream_sink_bin.c , the source_ID and source_URI value entered from the keyboard.

The pipeline as following:

streammux → nvvidconv → nvosd → streamdemux → filesink-bin

queue → nvvidconv → cap-filter(“video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), format=I420”) —> encoder(NVDS_ELEM_ENC_H265_HW) → codecparse(h265parse) → mux(NVDS_ELEM_MKV) → sink (filesink)

The running terminal:

The output result:

just working with the first input rtsp ( I entered the first input at ID= 1 )

Please suggest any solution!

I solved this problem. Can the topic be closed.

Glad to know issue resolved, thanks for the update!

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