Non-smooth frame grabbing via NVFBC on vGPU Tesla

Hi all,
There is a project based on spice-streaming-agent aimed to use NvFBC capturing X framebuffer to GL and then compressing to H264 by NVENC. The problem is that this system “misses” some screen changes. It does not show single symbol typed in terminal. But when second symbol is typed, they both appear in video stream. Video demos and movies have lower FPS than required. But when mouse is continuously moved around the screen, most of such problems disappear. All possible capturing configurations were tested (non-blocking, blocking, PushMode on or off, diff maps on or off) but no luck. It seems that there is some “caching” inside of X.Org, nvidia driver, anywhere else, which hides screen modifications from NvFBC. What can it be? What kind of magic does mouse movement do? Thanks in advance!