Non Working Camera

Hi everyone,

My platform is GPU and I am using DeepStream 6.1 with 8.2.5 TensorRT. Driver Version: 510.85.02

I have a question regarding the behavior of Deepstream when it is initialized with wrong camera ip-port address (no device at all at that adress). I remember a case when the system were able to start even the fps from one source was 0. It was just displaying a black screen for that stream, and working normally for remaining streams. However, currently I faced with a case where the program just gets stuck and not starting to show the stream when I provide an ip address that I was using previously. I am not sure about the cases of the camera (whether it was removed from that ip address or it is there but not working) between these two different behaviors. Does deepstream behaves differently when it encounters a wrong ip-port address (no device at provided address) and when the provided address is linked to a non-working camera?

Any information regarding mentioned cases? I see that if one of the sources is a video file, the case of getting stuck while initialization of the pipeline does not happen.