Nordics: events and community

Post here about your meetups, events or other activities related to AI, HPC, graphics and NVIDIA in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden!

Stockholm, Sweden: Come and hear from NVIDIA’s Zenodia Charpy talking about very large language models and how to train them at HP Data Science Open at Hyperight Data Club on Oct 21st: HP Data Science Open Stockholm – Hyperight Data Club

Malmö, Sweden: Join (or tune in on YouTube) a Global AI DeveloperDays meetup by Azure Skåne in Malmö and hear about tools for optimization of building and deploying computer vision models on Azure from NVIDIA’s Abubakr Karali! Register here: Global AI Developer Days - Malmö Sweden - 29 October 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark: Come join Zenodia Charpy at Driving IT on Nov 4th talking about profiling and optimization using NVIDIA technology Don’t miss out opportunity to ask questions and mingle!


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Stockholm, Sweden: See you at Nordics Data Science and Machine Learning Summit on 2022-11-21T23:00:00Z2022-11-22T23:00:00Z ! Take part in our workshop " Lightning fast MLOps: Accelerating the Machine Learning lifecycle" or just stop by our joined booth with HPE to connect and chat!

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Stockholm, Sweden: Find NVIDIA at Milestone booth A16:10 at SKYDD conference this week from Oct 25 to Oct 27 to have a conversation about intelligent video analytics solutions accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs.

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Sweden, online: Join a free webinar by Scientific Sweden with Zenodia Charpy “How to train multilingual neural machine translation models with NVIDIA toolchains” on the 2022-12-01T09:00:00Z]. The deadline for registration on November 26th.
In this lecture, we will be focusing on sequence-to-sequence transformer models, we will briefly revisit the encoder and decoder self-attention architecture and give some intuition as to why they work well with Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Thereafter, we will walkthrough a step-wised workflow on building a English-to-Swedish translation model. Then we will discuss the benefits on building a one-to-many multilingual NMT model vs. a x-to-y model per language pairs. We will again cover another step-wised walk through for the 1-to-many multilingual NMT. Last but not the least, Zenodia will provide a short demo combining another model and a simple UI to deliver a use case.
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Does anyone know of any events in New Zealand?

WASP is gathering the community for a session on “How to use Generative AI to Build Content for Real-World Applications” lead by the amazing @zenodia.charpy and Davide Onofrio from NVIDIA.

This session will explore a human centric approach to co-creating a variety of applications, leveraging the capability of generative AI models. The session will begin by exploring new language models’ ability to co-author documents, co-communicate in interactive conversations and co-generate synthetic data. You will then learn how to integrate diffusion models’ image generation capability anchored in a real-world artist’s co-design and co-created image generation process. Next, we will demonstrate a mixture of generative AI’s skill sets in an avatar, seamlessly telling a story supported by applications discussed previously. Last but not the least, we are going to see how to deploy some of these applications into the cloud as microservices.

📍Stockholm, Tegnergatan 14, 11139 Stockholm
📍Göteborg, Theres Svenssons gata 13, 417 55 Göteborg
📍Umeå, Universitetstorget 4, 901 87 Umeå

After the session there will be snacks, drinks and mingle.

Sign up here!

Hope to see you there!

Exciting news! Looking forward to hearing about all the AI, HPC, graphics, and NVIDIA-related meetups and events happening in the Nordic countries. It’s a great initiative to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in this tech-savvy region. Keep the updates coming!

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