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Post here about your meetups, events or other activities related to AI, HPC, graphics and NVIDIA in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden!

Stockholm, Sweden: Come and hear from NVIDIA’s Zenodia Charpy talking about very large language models and how to train them at HP Data Science Open at Hyperight Data Club on Oct 21st: HP Data Science Open Stockholm – Hyperight Data Club

Malmö, Sweden: Join (or tune in on YouTube) a Global AI DeveloperDays meetup by Azure Skåne in Malmö and hear about tools for optimization of building and deploying computer vision models on Azure from NVIDIA’s Abubakr Karali! Register here: Global AI Developer Days - Malmö Sweden - 29 October 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark: Come join Zenodia Charpy at Driving IT on Nov 4th talking about profiling and optimization using NVIDIA technology Don’t miss out opportunity to ask questions and mingle!


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Stockholm, Sweden: See you at Nordics Data Science and Machine Learning Summit on 2022-11-21T23:00:00Z2022-11-22T23:00:00Z ! Take part in our workshop " Lightning fast MLOps: Accelerating the Machine Learning lifecycle" or just stop by our joined booth with HPE to connect and chat!

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Stockholm, Sweden: Find NVIDIA at Milestone booth A16:10 at SKYDD conference this week from Oct 25 to Oct 27 to have a conversation about intelligent video analytics solutions accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs.

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Sweden, online: Join a free webinar by Scientific Sweden with Zenodia Charpy “How to train multilingual neural machine translation models with NVIDIA toolchains” on the 2022-12-01T09:00:00Z]. The deadline for registration on November 26th.
In this lecture, we will be focusing on sequence-to-sequence transformer models, we will briefly revisit the encoder and decoder self-attention architecture and give some intuition as to why they work well with Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Thereafter, we will walkthrough a step-wised workflow on building a English-to-Swedish translation model. Then we will discuss the benefits on building a one-to-many multilingual NMT model vs. a x-to-y model per language pairs. We will again cover another step-wised walk through for the 1-to-many multilingual NMT. Last but not the least, Zenodia will provide a short demo combining another model and a simple UI to deliver a use case.
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Does anyone know of any events in New Zealand?

WASP is gathering the community for a session on “How to use Generative AI to Build Content for Real-World Applications” lead by the amazing @zenodia.charpy and Davide Onofrio from NVIDIA.

This session will explore a human centric approach to co-creating a variety of applications, leveraging the capability of generative AI models. The session will begin by exploring new language models’ ability to co-author documents, co-communicate in interactive conversations and co-generate synthetic data. You will then learn how to integrate diffusion models’ image generation capability anchored in a real-world artist’s co-design and co-created image generation process. Next, we will demonstrate a mixture of generative AI’s skill sets in an avatar, seamlessly telling a story supported by applications discussed previously. Last but not the least, we are going to see how to deploy some of these applications into the cloud as microservices.

📍Stockholm, Tegnergatan 14, 11139 Stockholm
📍Göteborg, Theres Svenssons gata 13, 417 55 Göteborg
📍Umeå, Universitetstorget 4, 901 87 Umeå

After the session there will be snacks, drinks and mingle.

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Hope to see you there!