Normalized generic unit with nvprof

Hi everyone,

To test my application, I’ve written a script that parses the CSV output of nvprof.

nvprof has a –normalized-time-unit option, so that all time measurements have the same (user-set) unit (ms, us, … ).

Is there any way of achieving the same with other units, e.g. setting –normalized-throughput-unit gbps? I could not find it in the documentation. This would be a much simpler way of getting the unit than, say, parsing the text in the header of the CSV.

This is the output of nvprof --version on my system:

nvprof: NVIDIA (R) Cuda command line profiler
Copyright (c) 2013 - 2014 NVIDIA Corporation
Release version 6.5.14 (21)



Any updates on this ? This will avoid possible overhead to post-process and associated errors.

This is not supported in the nvprof