Not able to browse while using dsa driver

I have changed the PHY on the Xavier agx board with ksz9896 and I have used the provided dsa driver for it. The driver is up and I am able to use the dsa functionality.
Once i connect the port to any network, i am able to do ping (ping but while browsing from the chrome i am getting the error “Site cant be reached”.
What could be the issue?
Ashik P.

When you ping the, can you get the IP of google and directly put it on your browser URL and see if it can reach?

No facing the same issue.
ping ->got IP
copied this IP to browser but nothing is loading
Ashik P.

Can you also try to set the device to local network and see if it can ssh or scp file to another ubuntu device?

ssh and sftp protocol am able to do and also able to copy file over the network.

Network issue is seen while doing apt update also.