Not able to commission Jetson Xavier NX in MAAS

I have NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER NX GPU, it has Ubuntu installed in it. I want to commission it and bring under Canonical MAAS(Metal-As-A-Service). When I try to Add hardware and give details:
Power type: IPMI
Power user and password: nvidia
IP: IP address which I have assigned
But the commission process fails with “BMC power node failure” which means it is unable to access the power and do Power on/off.

What can be the possible solution to this and how can I verify if IPMI and UEFI is enabled. I tried entering the BIOS setting by restarting GPU and pressing F2 key, but I am not able to open it.

This would need other users to check and share experience. By default we have the sample rootfs in Ubuntu 20.04 and you can install SDK Components to use CUDA, TensorRT, jetson_multimedia_api. This use-case is not supported by default and would see if other users can check and suggest next.

It might be worth noting that a Jetson doesn’t have a BIOS. All of the work traditionally performed by the BIOS is instead in software partitions (eMMC for those models, QSPI memory for SD card models). You won’t have traditional BIOS access.

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