not able to compile the kernel client module


we have mellanox HCA connected with Server. We have installed OFED distribution in our Server . i am trying to write kernel client module to access the infiniband device using the RDMA stack. but i am getting some error while insmod my module. please help me anyone who already worked in this error.



insmod: ERROR: could not insert module Client.ko: Invalid parameters

Dmesg :


[16266.034500] Client: disagrees about version of symbol ib_unregister_client

[16266.034508] Client: Unknown symbol ib_unregister_client (err -22)

[16266.034520] Client: disagrees about version of symbol ib_register_client

[16266.034523] Client: Unknown symbol ib_register_client (err -22)

i have searched in this error in internet. they mentioned like compilation with improper header problem. i am not able to understand properly.

Please clarify me more and provide me the sample makefile to compile this

Please see the attached file for program reference.


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Your module is compiling against the vendor kernel sources instead of MOFED. You might take a look on the other projects that compile against MOFED, for example Lustre.