Not able to get a Passed tag on code in course "Getting Started with Accelerated Computing in CUDA C/C++"

Hey, Team, I cannot get a Pass Label on my Assessment as it always gives this error attached
, even when I complete the assignment with the below code. I have tried changing to multiple versions of code, even getting support, but the error seems to be the same.

My code for 01-nbody (2).cu - Google Drive


Thanks for joining NVIDIA forums. This may be related to a known issue. I have tagged the DLI team to look into your account.

Thanks for your patience as this gets sorted out.


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Good day, and thanks for reaching out for support.

Using the code you provided, I was able to pass the assessment. So first off, congrats on the good work!

My best guess is that you are missing the step of running the run_assessment() function in the notebook before clicking on the “ASSESS TASK” button.

After saving your work to 09-nbody/ be sure to execute the Jupyter notebook cell as shown below:

You should see the same message as me (since I used your code), and especially the “Congratulations! You passed the assessment!”

At this point you can now follow the instructions in the Generate a Certificate section of the notebook which will involve your clicking the “ASSESS TASK” button, but this time, you should see the same as I do:

Please let me know if you need any additional support and I’ll be happy to help.

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