Not able to move isaac sim custom joints from isaac sdk slider

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I have created a custom humanoid usd with only one hand as attached.
humanoid_omni_headless_left_arm.usd (113.8 KB)
I have created 7 joints and from isaac sim they are working. I have added robot engine bridge(with correct relationship) in the usd.
I have written a custom code to control the joints from isaac sdk similar to ur10 as attached. Below code is working with ur10_basic scenario usd file by changing kinematic json and limits. But while loading custom humanoid usd joint position are not moving from slider (though I can see using a custom node that messages are getting transmitted and received by simulation interface). Please let me know if there is anything wrong with my usd file so that I can make it work?
BUILD (432 Bytes) (1.6 KB) humanoid_sim.ipynb (655.3 KB)
humanoid_omni_headless_lefthand.kinematic.json (3.3 KB)

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Solved. Used reb_jointcontrol and physics scene component of ur10 and it worked… Still not sure why it worked for ur10 components and not my custom components. Please find the attached files.humanoid.usd (111.9 KB) humanoid_one_arm.usd (3.9 KB)