Not able to pull Nucleus SSO Gateway Image

Hi Everyone,
I am currently working on building an internal capability on full deployment of Nucleus Enterprise Server on public cloud. And I was successful in deploying the base-stack with SSL. The next step was to deploy the SSO stack. So, to do that I need to pull the nucleus-sso-gwimage. But I am getting the following error:

Also, I have been using the same API key which I have used for pulling the images of the services in base_stack.

Hi @jimit-modi! Glad to have you as part of our Community! Let me reach out to our team for help. I’ll post back here when I have more information!

hello @jimit-modi -
Please tell me where you got the artifacts for your Nucleus installation. The name/version you are using. This is the package that has the .env and .yml files.

Hello @jimit-modi! Thanks to your post we discovered that we have an issue with the SSO NGC container within version 2021.3.2 of Enterprise Nucleus. It is a high priority and our team is working on a solution at this time. I appreciate for your patience and thank you especially for bringing this to our attention.

Hi @mirice, I got the artifacts from the NVPS team. As I work for the organization who is the partner of NVIDIA.
And I am using this nucleus-stack-2021.3.2 as artifact.

Hi @WendyGram, Thank you for your quick response. Can you please reply to this thread or send an intimation e-mail once this issue has been resolved?

@jimit-modi - Please try again. The containers should now be available for use.

Thank You @mirice

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