Not able to run riva NLP example after fresh installation

Hi, I am new to the whole area of conversational AI but decided to play a little bit with riva.
I am using fedora and podman as my os and after some modification to the scripts was able to run the trioton server with all default models and no errors. I try a few examples like:

riva_tts_client --voice_name=English-US.Female-1 --text=“test 1” --audio_file=/outputs/output.wav

and it was loking fine I also try asr example which also work fine but when I try:

riva_nlp_qa --questions=/outputs/a.txt --contexts=/outputs/c.txt
it seems that the service is not running I got RPC failed. Code: 12

the strange thing is that I don’t see any errors in the attached log there are a bunch of warnings but it looks like everything is loaded.
log.txt (152.5 KB)

Can some one point me to waht can case this behavior or some info how to debug and find out what is wrong.

I remove the container were triton was running and create it again an then it was working fine I assume previously the nlp service was commented in the init script and I usually just restart the container expecting thet it will reload the config and mnodels which seems to no be the case.

Thanks @user33655 for your feedback

Next when when the issue occurs
Please send us

  1. riva-init complete logs
  2. riva-start complete logs