Not able to run the `virtual-assistant-rasa` sample app pipeline on a remote GCP server. {Link:}

Hi team,
We are trying to run the nvidia sample app virtual-assistant-rasapipeline {click here to visit the GitHub repository} on a remote GCP ubuntu server but we are facing some issues in the pipeline.
For testing and exploration purposes we have ran the webapp without ssl-context by allowing a particular remote server endpoint in the chrome://flags/#unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure to enable the device-mic usage to stream the audio to the server.
It is perfectly able to send the audio-bytes to the Flask-SocketIO backend and the Riva Server for transcription. And we are also able to see the transcripts on the webapp logs (as we’re running in Verbose mode). But the transcripts are not received to the UI’s text-field, which then get’s submitted and sent to the Rasa DM + Riva NLP.

So, require some help in debugging this issue. It would great if any contributor will be able to help us resolving this.

Interesting fact:
When I am forwarding the remote server ports to localhost, it is working perfectly alright.

Following are the system information.

GPU - T4
CPU - 8 vCPUs
Memory - 30 GB
Operating System - Ubuntu 20.04
Riva Version - Riva 2.6.0
How to reproduce the issue ? We’re not getting any error, but it’s a bug instead.

Hi @jimit-modi

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I will inform the team about this issue and also will try to repro from our end,