Not able to sign in Revit Omniverse connector | file transferring failed

Hi team ,
I am exporting the file from Revit 2023 using Omniverse connector 201.1.2338 to Omniverse Create.
I am facing two problems in connector .
1.Sometimes I am not able to sign in in Revit connector. I have attached the error for your reference.
2. While exporting the sample 3d file from Revit to Omniverse create using connector , In omniverse no files are visible. The stage is empty. I have added the screenshot. I am transfer the file using Nucleus server with connector .

in the settings in revit can you enable logging and download the log after you export.
also regarding the login issue you said you attached the error but I don’t see anything in post

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Thanks @rcervellione . I will Check this and get back to you.