Not alone : VGA/DVI issue on 355.11 linux driver


A lot of people complain about an issue with dvi and vga output after upgraded to the nvidia driver 355.11 on linux, specialy on archlinux

We are in wait and looking for a solution, someone have black borders on the screen, bad resolution, and in my case I have an auto adjust screen with no black borders but my text is aliased as you can see here

People who downgraded had no issue anymore.

Hope you can do something for us.



I can confirm the issue with 355.11: I’m running Archlinux x86_64 on a desktop with two Nvidia GTX 550 in SLI mode, with only one monitor connected to the VGA port of the first card: using a resolution higher than or equal to 1680x1650 at 59.95Hz (the monitor native resolution) the display area goes outside of the screen (screenshot) and then the monitor tries to auto-adjust itself but it fails. Everything works fine with the same monitor using the HDMI port, and the issue disappears also downgrading to 352.41.

There are also other threads on the Arch forums:

And I found a similar thread also on this board:

I have the same issue with Archlinux x86_64 and nVidia drivers 355.11 on linux 4.2.1. Fonts are illegible and screen is distorted. I have a Samsung monitor 1366x768 at 59.95Hz via VGA on a GTX750Ti. When downgrading to 352.41 and to linux 4.1.6 the problem disappear.

the same issue here (blackborder after underscan ) with all legacy driver 340.* .
the fonts are really bad , very bad .

Hi, I confirm similar problem. More details I described here.

No workaround here, are you working on a fix ? 2 weeks that my vga second screen is ugly with a 980GTX, and no solution in updates.

Archlinux bug task is here
And the workaround doesn’t work…

I, too, am affected by this bug in Fedora, Ubuntu, & Arch.

Can someone with this problem please generate and attach nvidia-bug-report.log.gz files from the working and broken drivers? Also, can you please test the 358.09 driver too?

Thanks for your reply aplattner, this my nvidia-bug-report with the current 355.11-3 on Arch Linux, the broken driver. I can’t attach a working nvidia-bug-report version cause I can’t downgrade, If anyone who have downgraded can post an nvidia-bug-report with the working drivers version it can be helpfull !

I try the 358.09 version when I can.

I’m sorry, I forgot to ask for a verbose log with mode validation information. You can get that by either starting X from the console with “startx – -logverbose 6” or by running “sudo nvidia-xconfig --mode-debug” and then restarting the X server.

With 358.09 version the issue still exists. I’ll ask one of my users to post a detailed log for you. Current information you can find also here:

aplattner, this is my new nvidia-bug-report with the verbose log “startx – -logverbose 6”.

Hi aplattner,

This is the log generated using the working version 352.41 and the monitor attached to the VGA aoutput:

These, instead, are the logs generated with the version 355.11, which works only using HDMI but not using the VGA output:

I will also test 358.09 as soon as I can.

Here is how it looks for me:
I think it is automatically discovering wrong dpi resolution for monitor and that’s the effect off applying 83x105 * 1680x1050 in my case…
83x105 is lie. I don’t remember exact dpi right now but it was something like that.
1600x1200 works well which is confirming my theory as my monitor have 90x90 dpi resolution.

After upgrading two of my monitors won’t even show up at all, I can’t quite pull any logs at the moment but I had an Acer monitor and a Dell monitor over DVI, and my Rift over HDMI. GDM keeps restarting over and over due to it not finding any screens, at least until I power my Rift. From there, only the Rift shows as connected, all other monitors show as disconnected despite being on. I did another test though and an old 1280x1024 Samsung SyncMaster display works properly. Interestingly, if I boot with that monitor, then swap another monitor in it’s place, it detects correctly (but only for the port it booted in). Really funky stuff in this update :/

Just tried the version 358.09 and it does not solve the issue.

Looks like I’m seeing the same type of issue. I didn’t find this thread when I originally looked so I posted about it a few days ago. I’ve just forced pacman to remove the Nvidia driver and have manually installed 352.55 for now. Luckily it is only affecting my HTPC with a gt610. My main PC running gtx970’s has been fine, but maybe it’s the monitors correcting it.

My HTPC is connected to my surround receiver via HDMI cable with my TV also connected via HDMI to my receiver.

Me too affected.

I did not see this thread and posted this other:

I also reported this bug to RPMFusion, but seems NVIDIA’s fault after what I read: (there’s a workaround for RPMFusion users too).

In that bug report you can download output of (although not with verbose mode, sorry).